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Experiences of Racism on PEI Research Study

Running June 6 - July 31, 2023

Racism on PEI: What's going on?


We are excited to say that our survey, exploring people's experiences of racism on PEI, is live from June 5th to June 30, 2023!


At BIPOC USHR we continue to hear so many stories of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) folks experiencing racism in so many spaces on PEI, but we have no data. PEI has no race-based data. If we want to create projects to address racism, and if we want policies that address racism, we first need the data.

Through funding from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation we are grateful to have the opportunity to do just that - collect data on racism on PEI.

If you are Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour (e.g., Asian, Middle Eastern/North African, non-white Latinx, etc.) please consider completing this survey to share your experiences with us. We hope this information will enable us to learn how we can make PEI a safer place for BIPOC communities.

Please follow this link for the survey

Survey link



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