Anti-Oppression Workshops

Anti-racism workshop:


In this 3-hour session, participants will be engaged in discussions on white privilege in the context of white supremacy and colonization, understanding racial trauma and how it is perpetuated, conversations on intersectionality and how various marginalized identities (e.g., gender, ability, class, sexual orientation, etc.) intersect to create unique experiences of oppression, and an exploration of ways to reduce unconscious bias and white privilege in the workplace. Through the use of role-playing, exercises methods of enacting allyship will be presented and practiced. The workshop will be highly interactive and participants are asked to be open to challenging their own ways of thinking. As facilitators we promise to give participants space, within reason, to explore difficult questions and concepts. (Note: This does not include the space to debate anyone’s human rights or humanity).


Combating Islamophobia: Building Allyship Workshop


This 3-hour session will examine structural, institutional, interpersonal, and internalized Islamophobia in both the Canadian and global context, including the impact of Islamophobia on Muslims. Participants will be guided through activities to help them uncover their unconscious biases and to recognize and confront Islamophobic microaggressions, including through applying the micro-interventions framework. Participants will also learn to recognize Islamophobia at the ideological and institutional levels along with some strategies to challenge these dimensions of Islamophobia.  This workshop can also be offered in French upon request.




Dante Bazard is a member of the organization BIPOC USHR on PEI and a policy research advisor mainly focused on EDI policy and Human rights. As a Black man, he is well aware, through observation and lived experience, of the effects of racism on BIPOC communities here on the Island.

Dr. Sobia Ali-Faisal is the founder and President of the organization BIPOC USHR on PEI. Sobia holds a PhD in Applied Social Psychology whose research focuses on sexual health, the newcomer experience and identity, and processes of decolonizing psychological knowledge.


Levels of Understanding

Introductory Level - These sessions are geared toward attendees who have no prior or little experience with equity, diversity, or inclusion topics. Attendees who have limited knowledge of equity, diversity, and inclusion are encouraged to attend these sessions.