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Oral history project

Gathering and preserving the voices and memories of immigrant peoples and communities
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What is an oral history project?

It is a way of gathering, preserving, and interpreting the voices and memories of people and communities. We realized that on PEI we do not have the stories and memories of so many immigrant communities recorded, even though they are an important part of PEI history.

Why is BIPOC USHR doing an oral history project?

The stories of so many immigrants to PEI have not been recorded. As our communities age we understand and recognize the invaluable experience, wisdom, and knowledge they hold. Yet, if we do not record it, it will be lost. This project is our humble attempt to preserve the voices and memories of BPOC (Black and People of Colour) immigrants living on PEI.

What is the scope of this project?

This project will last 8 weeks from early July to end of September.

During this time our summer youth researcher will contact and interview various elders in the BPOC immigrant community.

These interviews will be audio recorded and the recordings will be saved and transcribed. The recordings and transcriptions will also be saved with us. We hope to share the recordings and transcriptions with the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation for safe keeping, as well.

With the permission of the interviewees we hope to share some of their stories, knowledge, and memories with the wider community.


If you'd like more information about this project please feel free to email us or call.

(902) 892-5681

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